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> Welcome to FanFiction/RPG!, Read this before posting!
Blue Harvest
post Dec 22 2005, 12:24 AM
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Welcome to FanFiction/RPG!

This is the place for informal role playing games and posting your own stories.

Stories need not be Star Wars related. As long as theyíre fictional you are welcome to unleash your creative talent and post them here.

The role playing part of this forum is here exclusively for a bit of fun. If you are a serious role player who crave structure, hierarchy and strict on-topicnessÖ if you are someone who is easily annoyed when people speak out of character and interrupt the flow of the game: this may not be the place for you.

All games in this forum are created by the members themselves. They evolve and grow with the members.

To make sure that participants in the games donít take the game, their character and their adventures too seriously we have a couple of golden rules which apply to all games. They are:

1. Be nice
If you feel yourself becoming frustrated and start thinking about taking it out on other people in the game: take a step back. Have a break and come back when you feel confident you can handle the situation without becoming aggressive and rude. There is no call for that here.

2. Donít take the game too seriously
Remember: itís just a game. The only reason we have them here is to have fun.

3. Leave your character at the door
You character, its attributes, allies, enemies and adventures is something you leave as soon as you post in any other section in the forum. This includes other RPG-topics. Fact and fiction must be kept separate.

4. Use the Report button
The forum moderators work very hard to keep this section a nice and friendly place to visit. However, we can not possibly be everywhere at once. We keep our eyes out for obvious bad behaviour and rule breaking but we canít read minds. If something is bothering you, if you spot anything or anyone acting inappropriately; please let us know by clicking the Report-button. (Located to the top-right of the post you want to report.)

5. Solve your arguments by Private Messaging
If for any reason you should have a difference of opinion with another member; please PM the member in question and talk it out in private. Starting a flame war in public wonít help solve anything.

6. Use smilies
New members and old members alike must remember to use smilies! Using them will prevent misunderstandings and hurt feelings. If you are joking wink.gif angry angry.gif or sad sad.gif - make sure other members understand that with the help of our collection of smilies.

Tip! In addition to the above it is always a good idea to read a couple of pages in the topics you plan to participate in before jumping in. Reading a little bit at the start and end of the topic will help you understand what its purpose is and what is currently happening. smile.gif

There are also a couple of rules which the members have written and agreed on specifically for the topics: The Battlefield, The BH Jedi Order, The BH Rogue Jedi Order & The BH Sith Clan.
If you plan to participate in any of these games Ė read and observe their rules as well.

1. This is a fun game
Fun is the key word. Leave your temper at the door. Pretend tempers are okay but use smilies so we know you're kidding. Wookies are exempt from this rule as we know how hard it is for them to control their temper...that is just a fact of life we have to live with.

2. Nobody dies
We fight, we joke, we all complain when someone belts out a smelly belch, but we all live to tell about it the next day. In the words of Darth Vader, "NO DISINTIGRATIONS!" This also by definition means no beheadings, no lethal injections, no strangulations...and keep the dismembering of limbs to a minimum...we are running out of duct tape.

3. No uninvited house calls
The two sides have already worn out their welcome with each other. The Jedi live in the BH Jedi Order, the New Jedi Order live in the Rebel Alliance, the Sith live in the BH Sith Clan. We do not post on each other's topics. The Jedi post Jedi things in their respective Jedi topic, the Sith post Sith things in the Sith topic. When Jedi and Sith want to interact, that's what the Battlefield is for. Its like a neutral ground where no one will complain when the furniture gets smashed.

4. Personal Messaging is not an appropriate place to make threats
For that matter, no place is appropriate unless it is done in jest. If you make a threatening statement as part of the game, please be sure that the person you are directing it at knows it is part of the game and not directed at them personally. Again, smilies work perfectly for this purpose.

5. Please do not create new topics for this, not for training, not for encounters, not for anything, with the 4 current topics it is enough.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these rules!
New contributors in this forum are always welcome so we hope the above hasn't discouraged you from joining in. wink.gif

Thoughs, suggestions, additions and re-writes of these rules should be PM:ed to Blue.
Have fun!

I have a question about voodoo:
If one half of a pair of identical twins has acupuncture... is the other twin in serious trouble?

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