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Wondering why TK-421 isn't at his post
29 years old
in HMP's fanclub
Born Nov-9-1988
Patrick O'Brian books, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, William Babbington (Yes! I've finally found out his first name! And isn't it a cool first name? It means 'wilful'. I'm so gonna name a son William, now...), Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (duh!), that little 'check length' option, trying to exceed 50000 characters in this interests thing, being obsessive, (darm it, only 236 characters so far).
Lalalala, does anyone read the interests anyway? I like the sea too. And Hornblower. Even if I've never read any good Hornblower books. Darm the library, only having Hornblower in the Crisis. Darm my school library, too, for only having that 'abridged' version. Everyboby knows abridged is just a code word for 'has all the good parts missing'.
I like working on shysmilz.net, too. In fact, I like working on Shysmilz.net so much, I'm using this interests thing to procrastinate on it. :-P I go to school on a highly regular basis, so I guess that would count as an interest. AIM, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ are good time wasters too. Shysmilz is fun. If you're not a shysmilian you should become one. *nodnod* Words are fun, too. My favourite word is lackadaisical. And it uses up 13 whole characters by itself! What a clever word! I also like meeting bletties. I've met 3 so far. 4 if you count Shelby (but I don't count her, she's my sister and she lives in the same house as me), 5 if you count Jwok (but he didn't stay very long. And he's my brother. He also lives in the same house as me).
I must be the world's only Babbington fangirl. And if I'm not THE only, I have to be one of the only. Another good thing about Babbington is that fact that his last name is 10 whole characters long! So, every time I type Babbington, I get another 10 characters closer to my goal. I have a livejournal. You can find the link somewhere in this profile. I like my livejournal. I also like being longwinded.
Lalala... don't tell me you're still reading this. You must be as insane as I am, to read an interests list this long. Except this isn't really a list, is it? It's more of an essay. But its still not long enough, so you're just going to have to put up with me for a while longer. Or you could go read some other profiles. There are lots of really spiffy people with really spiffy profiles here. I spend a lot of time reading other people's profiles. If you don't feel like reading more profiles, you could always post. Posting is fun. When I'm not writing out my interests, I spend quite a bit of time posting. *nodnod*
I can't believe I haven't said this before, but my favourite number is 942. 9 cause I was born on the 9th of November and 42 cause its the answer to the ultimate question. Although I don't know what the ultimate question is, I've got some theories. Most of them involving insanity in one form or another.
My lucky number, however, is 13. Why? Cause it has to be lucky for someone, so why not me? And, besides, I'm my grandmother's 13th grandchild.
I like to read. I'll read anything. Well, almost everything. I don't like Tim Winton books ever since I had to read Lockie Leonard in year 7.
I'm obsessed with Obernewtyn. Everyone should read the Obernewtyn Chronicles. It's a very cool book series by Isobelle Carmody. She needs to hurry up and finish it before I become an old age pensioner, though. Same with her Legendsong series. Isobelle Carmody has written a lot of other spiffy books. So at least I've got a lot of reading material while I wait. (Well, I would. But I've read most of her books. Except for most of the Legendsong. I'll read that, soon as I'm sick of Patrick O'Brian... or I've finished all his books. Whichever comes first).
(Squee! As of this random comment in brackets, this interests list has 3764 characters. I'd like to thank all my interests, for being so interesting. I'd also like to thank you, the person reading this. If it wasn't for you, this interest list wouldn't exist. [if a interest list is on a profile, and no one reads that profile, does the interest list exist?]. I would like to remind you, however, that my ultimate goal is not fulfilled yet. But I'm committed. I will keep adding to this interests list until its as long as possible. HMP had the longest sig. Warrame wants the longest interest list.)
I like names and the meaning of names. I have a baby names book. I kept bugging mum until she got me one for Christmas. My own name, Louise, means 'famous warrior'. My middle name, Mary means 'wished for' 'star of the sea' and 'bitter'. Warrame means lefthanded. I'm Warrame cause I'm lefthanded. You could say that I'm interested in lefthandedness. In fact, I will say that I'm interested in lefthandedness. It makes my interest list longer if I do so. I also like watching and playing sport. My favourite sport would have to be baseball, although I complain about having to go watch it when my siblings are playing.
Let's see, another one of my interests would be 'hating Orlando Bloom'. I'm serious. And I like teasing my little sister and my friends who like Orlando Bloom, by saying that
a) he's not hot and
b) that he can't act.
It's all in good fun, however, and they're welcome to do the same to any actor I like. :-P
As for music, I'm not picky. I'll listen to anything, provided I like the lyrics. Whether or not I like the lyrics depends on certain things, of course, including the mood that I'm in at the time of writing, and also whether the music suits the latest plot bunny that Murgatroyd (the plot convenience who acts as my muse) is advocating.
Another thing I do a lot is solve problems for mara. Solving problems is fun. Everyone should solve problems for other people.
I also read a lot of Tamora Pierce books. They're spiffy. And I even write Tamora Pierce fanfic. I've got one story up at ff.net. And currently, I have plans for about 50 more stories. Most of which won't be written. Meh. I'm abrupt, and my best writing is mainly under 2000 words long. In fact, I don't think I've ever written a successful fanfic that's over 2000 words long, unless 'The Man with the Pink Pistol' is. I still haven't finished that, but I intend to. It's just I lost about half of my latest chapter, and I don't intend to continue until I find that. :-P
Leia_ is a highly spiffy blettie. She's the chief motivator for Shysmilz.net. Her job is to poke me and Sabs with a stick until we actually update. She's very good at her job. :-D. She also does other stuff, like come up with ideas and make quizzes. She's also the co-founder (along with mara) of the HMP Fanclub. You should go read her profile. Or, if you're sick of profiles, you can go join the HMP Fanclub.
Sabe and I are co-founders of the Blettie Stalking Society. Don't worry, we're usually harmless; in fact, we only have 1 AVO out on us currently.
Okay... well Leia_ told me to add some more to this, so I am. (See what a spiffy motivator she is? Who else could be so insistent and actually get me to live out my goal? Leia_, will you marry me? :-P. Just kidding, of course. ;-))
Uh, yeah. So let's see... um... I went to the darkside a while back, got a xanga. It's spiffy, but not as spiffy as my livejournal. *higs livejournal*
Another major interest of mine is procrastinating. I like procrastination while I'm procrastinating. But afterwards it makes me feel sick that I could be so awful.
Lalalalala... Oh! Are you still reading this? Gosh, you must be bored by now. Although, Blue doesn't like us using the 'b-word' on the forum. Speaking of forum, did you know the plural of forum is fora? And the plural of curriculum is curricula? Fasinating, no?
(7638 characters so far! Go me!)
Uh...yes. I should be doing homework right now, but instead I have decided to update this. Hmm... what can I say? Well, I recently picked up a book in the library called Sharpe's Trafalgar. I only really picked it up cause it had Trafalgar in the title, and earlier that visit I'd picked up Ramage at Trafalgar, and I usually like to get a couple of books that share a common theme/setting. I put Sharpe's Trafalgar into my bag without reading the blurb... something I don't normally do, but in hindsight, it turned out to be a good move. I got home, and discovered that Sharpe was in the army, not the navy. At first, I wasn't going to read the book, then I reasoned that if it had Trafalgar in the title, the navy would come into it eventually. So, one not so extraordinary day, I started the book. And became obsessed. Now, despite the fact that Sharpe is in entirely the wrong branch of the armed forces, I've read 4 books with him in them, and I'm eagerly awaiting the chance to get back to the library so I can borrow some more out. There are movies, too. *squees herself to death* I think I'm very obsessed. Maybe I'm just obsessed with the entire Napoleanic war time period...(8921 characters now! That's more characters than I have posts!)
Well, yes. I'm also interested in camping, hiking, canoeing, abseiling and the like. I'm actually going to join a venturer unit soon, which is very exciting. It might mean I have slightly less time for bh (translation: I won't be on here, reading and posting every single second I'm not sleeping or at school). It also means that I'm going to have to get a bit more organised. I'm going to make myself a study/homework timetable as soon as I know what day and time the venturers is on. And stick to it.
I like thinking about being organised. But I'm generally not all that organised. I can be if I want to, though.
I haven't added anything to this interest list lately, in fact, I haven't been doing much on bh, cause, well, exams suck. But, I have an unexpected holiday on friday due to a teachers strike. I could go to school, if I wanted to... but I believe in supporting the teachers in their pay disputes. Aren't I a good student?
I got the ROTK video, and I'm watching it as I type. It's spiffy. Pippin is a good singer. The 'go home Sam' scene still makes me cry. I'm such a sap, sometimes. There's a boy in my human movement class that looks like Merry, incidently. He's not as spiffy as Merry, though.
I like human movement. Human Movement is a fun subject. We got to go on a camp last year, and we get to go on a ski trip this year. Woot! Snow! I've only seen snow twice before in my life; once while holidaying in Scotland, and once when my family went to the Snowy mountains. But, this'll make 3 times!
Let's see... well, lately, I've been very obsessed with Itineris, which is this story that Sabe's writing. Obsession is fun when you can talk to the people you're obsessing over. And when you can throw things at them, hug them, poke them, tickle them and so on and so forth. Not that I would ever do anything like they to fictional characters, of course. (*coughNikolascough*). Unfortunately, I'm probably too obsessed, and I have no idea how I'm ever going to concentrate on anything but Itineris. Obsession can be painful... especially if you're going through withdrawal.
Well, I've had 2 weeks of holidays, and now it's back to school for another 10 weeks. I know all you Northern Hemispherians have your summer now, and you're probably laughing at me, but rest assured, I'll be doing the same thing come my summer holidays. (Which is when I'm going to America! Woot!!!!!) (I just realised that using a lot of exclaimation marks ups my character count, but I've decided that that's probably cheating. So, I'll only do that when I'm really, really, really excited).
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