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Cruising the Galaxy in my personalized X-Wing
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On Bespin in Lando's dining room
35 years old
Fighting the Enemy: Sith or Otherwise
Born Oct-21-1982
Writing stories (adventure, good vs. evil, and people changing their lives)

Reading (action/adventure and syfy)

Listening to music (movie soundtracks)

Walking my dog Luke (a cute Coton de Tulear)

Collecting animal figurines (so far I have well over 400)

Computer (talking to friends)
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So y'all want to know about me eh? Okay well here goes:

Hello everyone my name is Katie and I live in the USA.
As of the year 2014--I'm in my early 30's
My religion is Christian Catholic

I love to write stories
I love to read books
I love to watch movies
I love to listen to music while either reading or writing

I love animals, mainly:
Arctic Wolves
Great White Sharks

My favorite films are:
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings
Jaws 1.

I love collecting glass and ceramic animals. I like to name them and see what breed they are if it's not already specified. I currently have more than 400 and love adding more! I love my collection and love talking about it.

I love walking my Coton de Tulear dog, Luke. He's funny, playful, a good guard dog, hypoallergenic, intelligent, my companion, etc. I just love my little dude. No, he wasn't named after Luke Skywalker, but from a Biblical verse from the apostle, Luke: "To man, things are impossible. But to God, all things are possible."

Let's start at the top shall we? The Sith Wars, Palpatine's Empire, Thrawn's siege, Vong invasion, Second Galactic Civil War, I could go on. Point is the enemy hasn't vanished and we're fighting new people/aliens/species every day.

This has always been a Force War and we, as non-Jedi, will still help rid the universe of their evil. That's on one side of the galaxy, on the other our friends: Luke, Han, Leia, Wedge, Iella, Corran, Mirax, etc are still trying to keep the peace. They've thwarted Abeltoth, but others will soon come their way...and ours.

We shall meet these enemies on both sides of the galaxy head on to defeat them. And when we do meet them, it'll be with the same determination, hope, and perseverance all of us have always shown.

None of this is easy as people/aliens/pets/animals are injured or die every day. But to keep the galaxy safe, we'll do all we can to win, for both sides of the galaxy. To ensure peace, we will keep fighting.

Wish us luck, wish us the Force, and pray for us as we'll need it going up against these formidable foes.

(Have been playing SW for over 17yrs--as of 2014--and I also follow the books. I will continue this role playing until I no longer can.) Also I just wanted to thank all who answered my threads and have chatted with me throughout the years; all of you are fun, awesome, caring, friendly, smart, (etc) and are my good/best friends. I will miss talking to you.
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