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> Is "The Clone Wars" Movie Good?
post Jul 29 2009, 09:04 AM
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I got it the other day haven't watched it yet, I just wanna see some other peoples opinions on it. If your like a Star Wars fanboy does it deliver the good ol experience the originals do?

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post Jul 29 2009, 03:14 PM
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If you've watched any of the other clone wars cartoons its exactly the same. There fun some are even good. But not teh same experence as the orgionals. But I'm skewed by old age.

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Callista Min
post Jul 29 2009, 04:22 PM
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It was okay. It felt more geared toward kids IMO, but it had some fun moments. I prefer live-action format, though.

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post Aug 9 2009, 01:59 AM
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It was better than I expected, but I didn't think it was nearly as good as the other films.

I judge films based on 4 or 5 criteria which I call the AIDS formula: Action, Ideas, Dialogue and Setting. I add a second 'S' to the end for Special effects if its a film which warrants them; in this case since it's an animated film, it obviously does.

Action: Very good. I loved the battle scenes, especially the one where the Jedi and the clones are battling droids while vertically climbing a sheer wall. I didn't however care much for any of the lightsaber battles; Vendress doesn't interest me much, and we've already seen Anakin battling Dooku a number of times. I didn't like Anakin's attack on Jabba much; it may help to explain why Jabba does not allow Jedi into his palace in ROTJ, but I thought Anakin got through Jabba's defenses much too easily and makes a mockery of Luke's later attempts.

Ideas: Poor. There's not much new here, and nothing much revealed about the characters. Not surprising that there are any life-changing philosophies expressed, but still feels shallow.

Dialogue: Poor. Nothing much sticks out in my mind. Some of the dialogue was silly.

Setting: Good. I liked the jungle planet. I also thought Zero's hideout was cool. I always liked Tattooine and the animators' rendering of it did it justice, but it would've been nice if they would've gone to some place other than Jabba's Palace, some place new.

Special effects: Good. Not as good as the live-action films. For example the CG Jabba in the live-action films looks better than the animated Jabba here IMO.

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quinlan voss
post Aug 10 2009, 08:22 PM
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I enjoyed the movie but the cartoon series was better. I think it helps if you don't compare it to the live action movies as it is a cartoon and it won't beat the 'real' films. It's still got some good stuff in it like the Battle scenes (the one paul73 talks about is a prime example.) smilehuge.gif



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post Aug 12 2009, 08:44 PM
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Its a good movie, Tv series is better though. The best Battl eis the one at the beginning of the movie smilehuge.gif


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post Sep 2 2009, 10:48 PM
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I finally got to see it as I rented it from our library and I had some reservations about it, but I now understand why Ashoka calls Anakin her master. But needless to say, and sorry guys, but I hated the film. It seemed to last forever when only a few minutes when by and the animation wasn't the best. So how do I rate it? A one. msn_no.gif

Let's start at the top shall we? The Sith Wars, Palpatine's Empire, Thrawn's siege, Vong invasion, Second Galactic Civil War, I could go on. Point is the enemy hasn't vanished and we're fighting new people/aliens/species every day.

This has always been a Force War and we, as non-Jedi, will still help rid the universe of their evil. That's on one side of the galaxy, on the other our friends: Luke, Han, Leia, Wedge, Iella, Corran, Mirax, etc are still trying to keep the peace. They've thwarted Abeltoth, but others will soon come their way...and ours.

We shall meet these enemies on both sides of the galaxy head on to defeat them. And when we do meet them, it'll be with the same determination, hope, and perseverance all of us have always shown.

None of this is easy as people/aliens/pets/animals are injured or die every day. But to keep the galaxy safe, we'll do all we can to win, for both sides of the galaxy. To ensure peace, we will keep fighting.

Wish us luck, wish us the Force, and pray for us as we'll need it going up against these formidable foes.

(Have been playing SW for over 17yrs--as of 2014--and I also follow the books. I will continue this role playing until I no longer can.) Also I just wanted to thank all who answered my threads and have chatted with me throughout the years; all of you are fun, awesome, caring, friendly, smart, (etc) and are my good/best friends. I will miss talking to you.
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post Sep 4 2009, 11:13 PM
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It's not a movie to write home about, but really it's not that bad.

I enjoyed watching it overall. I did however, fall asleep during the commentary. tounge.gif


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Rebel Clone
post Jan 12 2010, 09:54 AM
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Wow i love the AIDS way of reviewing films kudos to that!

Yet i do think it was more directed to new millennium children that werent raised on the Original Trilogys to get them hooked to StarWars first then wanting them to see the rest of the series!
Great way to keep the $$$ flowing too!

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