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As BlueHarvest.net has grown, so has our need for specific, tangible rules and guidelines. The rules below represent our key policies, which, if broken, may result in permanent banishment from the forum.
Banishment is preceded by warnings via Private Message from a moderator/admin, and/or temporary suspension. This alerts the member to what they have done wrong and allows them a "second chance".

BlueHarvest.net Rules

Most important of all: Please remember that this is an international forum. People from all corners of the world, of all ages, religions and political convictions visit this forum.
Use common sense, be respectful and keep our diversity in mind when you post.

These rules apply to all areas of the forum, including Private Messaging.

1. Be nice!
While debating and discussion is fine, we do not tolerate rudeness, insults or personal attacks of any kind.
Purposeless attempts to bait others into flame wars with inflammatory posts (Trolling) is also not permitted.
Any of these are grounds for permanent banishment.

2. Ignore bothersome members
If you feel that you are being attacked, you must resist the urge to defend yourself in kind. Remember that lashing back is equally bad behavior.

3. Use the report-button
Moderators can't be everywhere at once. If you feel that you are under attack - help us help you by clicking the report-button. This will bring the offending post to a moderator's attention.
If you should get an offensive PM, please forward it to one of the moderators so that they can deal with it.

4. Solve arguments via Private Messaging
If for any reason you should have a difference of opinion with another member; please PM the member and talk it out in private. Starting a flame war in public will only only make matters worse. Consequently, you should not quote PMs in public.

5. Be forgiving of other people's mistakes
For example; Many members in our forum are not native English speakers. Mistakes are bound to be made. Also, new members should be helped rather than scolded if they make a mistake.

6. Do not take things too seriously
If you feel yourself becoming frustrated and think about taking it out on other people: take a step back. Have a break and come back when you feel confident you can handle the situation without becoming aggressive and rude.

7. Do not post pornographic, illegal or other objectionable material
This includes, but is not limited to, photos, videos, text, and links to outside sources.

8. Only one registered account is allowed per member
If you forget your username and/or password, please click here to recover it.

9. Do not impersonate other individuals or falsely represent yourself

Forum Guidelines

The guidelines listed below are basic forum etiquette and apply in any forum on the internet. The guidelines are enforceable rules, but their infraction will not always result in a warning, suspension or banishment (unless the offending party repeatedly breaks these rules and/or refuses to comply).

1. Read any additional rules and guidelines which may exist in the various sections of the forum.
(You will see them as "pinned" topics at the top of the list of topics in the section in question.)

2. Use smilies! smile.gif
New members and old members alike must remember to use smilies. Using them will prevent misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

3. Before creating a new topic thread, search to see if a similar topic already exists.

4. Follow standard grammar/spelling rules and try not to use slang.

5. Post your topics in the correct section.

6. Include as much detailed information as possible if you are asking for help.

7. Going off-topic is not the end of the world but do try to stay on-topic.

8. When you reply to someone's post - do so by using more than a simple smilie or a single word.

9. Avoid double-posting (posting more than once in a row in the same topic)

10. Never crosspost
(posting the same topic in several sections). Duplicates will be removed.

11. No spam!
If you wish to plug a personal homepage or a forum of your own, please do so by posting once. Enter the link as your profile homepage if you want. Anything else will be considered spam and removed
from the forum.

12. Try to respond to topics started by others more often than starting topics of your own.

13. Avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts.
All CAPS is considered "shouting" and is difficult to read.

14. Do not resurrect a very old topic if you have nothing significant to add.

15. When quoting a previous post, include only the relevant portion of that post.

16. Signatures should be kept to a reasonable length.
Nobody wants to scroll past an over-sized signature over and over.

How rules and guidelines are enforced

Site Administrators and Forum Moderators have the ability to edit, close or remove any rule-infracting post. All users have the ability to report posts which they feel may be an infraction.
In the case of borderline infractions, moderators and administrators will work together to arrive at a decision. If an individual breaks a rule for the first time, they will be warned. Further infractions may result in additional warning, but could also result in suspension or even banishment from the forums.

The severity of the punishment depends on the graveness of the infraction as well as the individual's ability to prove that they will not repeat their offence. However, a member will not be banished without getting at least one warning first. A warning PM will point out the inappropriate behavior, giving the member a chance to not repeat their mistake.


When in doubt; please contact one of our moderators. Thank you!
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