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Blue Harvest
This xmas I'm thinking about selling my Wii and getting a PS3 instead...
Already have an Xbox360 but there's a bunch of games available on the PS3 that the Xbox doesn't have.. so that's why I'm thinking of switching. (My Wii, although very charming, mostly sits neglected, gathering dust.)

Do you have a PS3? If so; what are your favorite games? smile.gif
You can't go wrong with Uncharted or Rachet and clank . My current FAV. is Assassins creed 2 but you can get that on xbox.

I mostly bought my ps3 for the blue ray and the bonus of games. I get most of my console games on teh ps3 now. But the xbox defiantly has or at least seems to have a larger more established online system. But ps3 online is free. I just dont think they have had the major multiplayer games for it yet.

I would say if you don't already have a blue ray player go for it. If you do look into the exclusive titles (god of war 3 coming out soon) and see if they are your types of games and worth spending the cash on the ps3
Blue Harvest
Well, I got my PS3 before xmas as planned.

Haven't had much time to play with it yet but I have played through Uncharted 2. Liked it so much I went straight out and got the first Uncharted game as well. LoveLoveLoved Uncharted 2!!! THE best game of last year imho.

I also got Heavenly Sword, which seems right up my alley... and I'm very much looking forward to Heavy Rain, which looks like it's going to live up with its expectations. No mean feat! Keeping my fingers crossed.

What are you playing now? smile.gif
Love Heavenly sword.. Its just beautiful and other than some of the Motion control guiding arrows and flying shields the game mechanics seem great.. Dont remmber any bad camera angles.
Some of the button sequence finishing stuff is annoying though. Really getting tired of that in games.

Right now I'm playing LOTRO on pc.. Dead space on the ps3 Picked it up for $20. Also playing Mini Ninjas real cute fun game. Very shot cartoonish and silly and fun.

but when mass effect 2 releases later this week That will eat up all my time for a while.
Blue Harvest
One of the biggest differences between xbox360 and ps3 is facial animation. It looks like there are better tools for the ps3 when it comes to creating realistic animation in the eyes, mouth and other subtle facial expressions. It makes me wonder how big a difference this makes in games that have been published on both platforms. I guess it's up to how much effort is spent on taking advantage of the technology...

Anyway, I'm also looking forward to Mass Effect 2. I played the first game and liked it. If it hadn't been for the repetative side-missions with the Dune-like worm monsters in the first game; I would have loved it.
You can congratulate me: I have also bought PS3. Some might say it is a silly decision since there are many rumours about the new generation of consoles, but only now the price is decent enough.

I've already bought The Force Unleashed, TFU 2, FIFA 12 and Gran Turismo. Absolutely loved The Force Unleashed, best looking game I've ever played.
I seem to be playing more on my PS3 than my 360 at the moment.

Having said that I think I am on a bit of a gaming slump at the moment.

I load Gran Turismo 6 every day as you get a log-in bonus which maxxes out after 5 days which boost prize money by 200% when I occasionally actually have a race.

I have played a bit of the Legendary Edition of Skyrim (all DLC on the disk), but having put in a ridiculous number of hours on the 360 version I have not played it very much yet. I am currently working towards getting my first house and am only Lv 4 so far.
Well, I've been enjoying my PS3 for quite some time. Since I found out about PS Plus I have tons of free games to play, actually more than I physically able to play. A few months ago I also bought PS Vita and I love it.
I bought a Vita recently (Wifi and 3G as it was cheaper - came with the Racing and Sports games... I don't use the 3G part).

I haven't bothered with PS Plus (will need to when I go PS4 I suppose, though that is unlikely this year). Disk space would be something of an issue and also my Internet is limited which could be a problem.

I have a 360 as well and M/S have been doing free games as well (needless to say I have serious disk space issues on the 360).

I do seem to have been playing the PS3 the most, though the recent purchase of a Wii U (as well as the Vita) has at least given me a little variety in terms of games to play.
wow, you are packed with consoles smile.gif I can say I envy you a little bit. I've never wanted MS consoles, but I really want to play me some Mario. Last Mario I played was on my Nintendo 64. Do you like your Wii U?

I'm also enjoying my Vita, I strongly recommend you to buy Rayman Legends for it, it's amazing
I do rather like the Wii U. It was the Pack with the Mario Bros and Luigi games in the pack. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Web Browser will read PDF files.

Having taken early retirement in 2006 at least I get a reasonable amount of time for games... when I am in the mood!

I do keep hearing good things about Rayman Legends. Not sure what would be the best console to play it on.
I can help you with that. if you love to play at home, you should definitely buy the Wii U version. I haven't tried it, but I know they used every gimmick the Wii U has to make it perfect. If you want to play on the go, Vita version is excellent. It is as good as the console version and to be able to play this beauty on the go just feels amazing.
Have you used the Stockyard in GT6? There is apparently the potential for losing cars in it. I read about the glitch so went to remove the cars I had stored in there only to find that they had gone. I deleted the main save (not touching the Backup) and started the game and said I wanted to use the Backup. Fortunately the Stockyard came up OK this time so I have removed all the cars from it and have not used it since. The main garage can hold 500 cars so I don't have a problem with space yet, so hopefully it will be fixed.

There are apparently freezing game problems with the new V1.03 update that is available today. I (fortunately) downloaded it and the game started OK.

There are two new Seasonal Races. One at Willow Springs with the BMW M4 as it now has an interior and one at Laguna Seca with the new Toyota FT-1 Concept that was announced at the Detroit Show. It took a few laps to get a Gold on both (you get the cars for a Bronze or better). I now have my third BMW M4 as I bought one before doing the first BMW M4 Seasonal!

My PSN name is RogsR34UK.
I have GT5, but I haven't played the new one. Can't say it is my cup of tea, although it is the first game I got for PS3 and I enjoyed it for some time.

my name is Newheath, I'll gladly add you to my friends smile.gif
I see you were playing Borderlands 2. I played that rather a lot on the 360 and have now finally managed to get the PS3 Game of the Year version at a good price (20 - it took a while to get down that low). It comes with the Mechromance and Psycho, the four main DLC add-ons and one of the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrades bit I will have to confirm that when it arrives. I have the original Borderlands on 360 and PS3 as well.

I may resort to copying some of my characters across from the 360 version (I have the save editor so it ought to be possible).

I think I may need to buy one DLC to get the full amount of levels, but I will sort that out when the game arrives (Thursday is the expected delivery).

I did get a couple of characters to Lv 61 (Psycho and Mechromancer) and have at least one of all the other types at Lv 40 or better.

Have you tried any co-op play with the game? The co-op play certainly helps when you get to second and certainly third playthrough.

I will need to get some Shift Codes when I get the game so that I can build up a selection of Golden Keys (they still seem to be releasing them fairly regularly).
Actually, I started playing Borderlands 2 only yesterday (it's free thanks to PS Plus), so I don't really know anything about it yet. I hope I'll like it, it seems to be everyone's favourite.

I see you don't really play any football games like FIFA or PES? it is a shame, I don't have anyone to play with since neither my online friends or my wife seem to to like this sort of games

do have a favourite genre of games?
I am not really that much of a sports fan. The only sports I watch to any extent on the TV are Motor Racing and American Football.

I think the last FIFA game I bought was on the PS2 and that was a really cheap pre-owned copy. For that matter I haven't bought any American Football games for a while either.

As far as games genres are concerned. I (of course) like Motor Racing games. I like first (or third - like GTA) person shooters (like Borderlands 1 and 2) though I am not really that much into Call of Duty or the Battlefield games. I am not a huge Platformer fan either, though there are games of that type that I like. I do like RPG type games (I suppose to an extent Borderlands has an RPG element with the levelling). Some games I have on the 360 of course, like GTA V. Others I have on both the 360 and PS3, like Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption and Saints Row 2 and 3 plus some sinlge player games such as Skyrim and Fallout 3.

I must admit to wondering whether you had just downloaded the Borderlands 2 (with Plus) and were playing it for the first time. I would be quite happy to join you for co-op on the game with a similar levelled character if you want to give it a try. When my game arrives of course.
I also like racing games, although to a lesser extent than you. My favourite so far is Driver: San Francisco. This game is just so much fun. I'm also not a big fan of first person shooters, although I did like enormously Far Cry 3.

I do like RPG type games (I suppose to an extent Borderlands has an RPG element with the levelling)

do you like Mass Effect?

I would be quite happy to join you for co-op on the game with a similar levelled character if you want to give it a try. When my game arrives of course.

sounds great.
I downloaded Driver San Francisco when it was cheap but have not got that far into it (I have almsot all the cars unlocked on the 360 version).

I have Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 but have not played it that much.

I find it very easy to get distracted from the game I am currently playing!
I'm beginning to get the hang out of Borderlands 2. Usually, I'm bad at shooters (actually I'm a pretty lousy gamer, I love games but I'm not good at them), but I really like the visuals and humour. Claptrap is a really amusing character.

by the way, are you planing on buying new consoles? I'm going to buy PS4 in a year or two, but what really bugs me is its inability to play CDs. I mean what? I have a small collection of CDs and it really pisses me off that they decided to ignore CDs.
There is some nice humour in Borderlands 2 which adds to the enjoyment.

My Game of the Year edition arrived which came with the four main bits of DLC, Mechromancer, Psycho, First Level Increase DLC, Creature Slaughter Done and Collectors Edition. I bought the other Level increase DLC. It took a fair while to install the 10Gb or so of DLC on the second disk. So far (with the DLC I bought) I have spent 23.99 on the PS3 version. The DLC I have with the game (and the one I bought) would cost about 45 separately.

I am currently trying to recreate some of my characters that I have on the 360 version. I have a Lv 63 Mechromancer and Lv 61 Psycho with the other character type around Lv 40-45. I was also wanting to copy a couple of "power levelled" characters in the dhape of a Lv 65 Commando (levelled to Lv 61 by someone) and a Commando modified to Lv 72 and now effectively Lv 74 (really Lv 72 but with the 2 extra levels that come without any more Skill Points from gaining Exp).

I so far have a Lv 8 Mechromancer which is just about to set out to Sanctuary in the game.
it was nice playing with you. I've never tried online co-op before so it came to me as a bit of a surprise to see you. Still, it was fun and I'm willing to try it again. By the way, it seems that my class (berserker) is not the most popular choice. Have I made the wrong decision to start playing as a berserker?
If you like the Gunserker, I would go with it.

I must admit to not finding it the easiest character type to play with, though I got one to Lv 40 on the 360.

I was playing at a higher level in a group of 4 once. I was a Siren. Not sure what level we were (fairly high I think) and the Gunzerker in the party seemed to be the one that went into Fight for your Life more frequently than the rest of us.

If I can ever duplicate my 360 characters (I have yet to read a PS3 game save on my PC, though I have another program to install on the PC that will hopefully enable me to). I will have a Siren at Lv 40 and 45, the Lv 40 Gunzerker and Assassin, a Commando in the high 50's, a Lv 61 Psycho and a Lv 63 Mechromancer. I may also duplicate a couple of my "power levelled" characters with a Lv 65 Commando (levelled to 61 with help) and a Lv 72 plus 2 of the Op levels that came in with the last level update DLC.
Sorry not to respond to your game invitation. I was doing some stuff around the house and had left the PS3 on.
It's okay, I got your message on my PS3. There's nothing to be sorry for.
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