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Here's that fanfic I told you about, the one where Anakin fights Darth Vader inside his mind. This is only the Prologue:

The Last Redemption


“If you will not turn,” the wicked and old Emperor Palpatine grimly said, “you will be destroyed!” At that instant, Palpatine raised both his hands and shot out the purge of the dark side of the Force. It struck Luke Skywalker, filling him with the worst form of pain and agony he had ever experienced.

Darth Vader, in his broken armor, stood from the side where his hand been cut off and slowly moved himself to the spot next to Palpatine. Beneath the shell that was the cold and dark exterior of Darth Vader, was the face of the once good Anakin Skywalker. He heard the cries of his son in agony, calling for aid from his father.

“Father, please help!” Luke called to Vader.

Vader stood quietly in that moment of horror. He stood behind Palpatine for a moment and closed his eyes as an old, weary man. He opened them once more a young man.


Anakin Skywalker opened his eyes after smelling what seemed like miles and miles of asphalt and lava that just recently exploded from volcanoes nearby. He looked around himself and saw the area he was in. He was back on Mustafar, standing however, on an unfamiliar platform. Ahead of him, there was a large durasteel door that stood silently shut.

Before deciding to enter the door, he looked at himself. He was wearing the same bold attire that he wore the day he turned to evil and became Darth Vader. But something was different. Anakin had felt something in his arm that he hadn’t felt for so long. He saw the long glove that he wore, but he didn’t feel the mechanical arm underneath. Instead, he felt the old organic arm he was born with. Once again, Anakin examined his arm and felt that he was completely human again.

Anakin stepped forward and walked for the door. He warily took out his lightsaber and prepared himself for danger, for he felt it behind the door. He felt a danger that gave him memories of fear and hatred behind. He began to hear voices of pain that came from those whom he loved most.

And then, the door slowly opened.

For a moment, Anakin reminisced. He remembered his experiences on Naboo when he had an old master before Obi-Wan Kenobi. He remembered that in the hangar they were in, there was a door that opened exactly like the way this door was opening right now.

In Anakin’s memory, he remembered that the Sith that killed Qui-Gon Jinn stood behind.

In this current battle for redemption, Anakin saw that behind the door stood the mechanical, dark, breathing figure that was the shell of Darth Vader.
Cool Sydoe! I like stories that tell of events from the original movies from perhaps another point of view. This is going to be good.
Ben Kenobi
Excellent job!! msn_yes.gif I can't wait to read more
Chapter 1
Anakin took a step back and wondered how it was possible that his own shell was standing before him. Anakin raised his lightsaber slightly, wondering how this was possible.

Vader stood there breathing heavily with his lightsaber drawn and activated. At first, he awaited any reaction to be made by Anakin, but grew impatient as all Sith do. He then began in his cold voice while taking a few steps forward, “And so the fight begins. This will be the final decisive battle to see whether the Prophecy was true. But as we both know, the Dark Side will win today. No prophecy will ever be fulfilled. Your lineage is lost.”

Anakin, somewhat lost and somewhat angered, slightly raised his lightsaber. He activated it carefully, watching Vader with wary eyes. “Who are you?” Anakin silently asked.

“I am you. I am the real you. I am Darth Vader,” he answered.
Anakin shook his head in disbelief. “No. It isn’t true. I am and will be always Anakin Skywalker.”

“Is that so?” Vader answered coldly. He exhaled again and the exhale sent a chill through Anakin’s body. Anakin’s memories began to come back. Voices echoed behind Anakin telling him that he was wrong.

“No. It’s a lie!” Anakin yelled. He lunged at Vader with his saber overhead and tried to strike at him. Vader took a step to the left and parried another attack after Anakin stroke.

“Your anger gives you great strength. You fail to realize it!” Vader said without emotion. He gave a simple attack combination to Anakin, which he parried with ease.

Anakin took a moment to give Vader a small cut on his shoulder giving himself an advantage. But something was wrong. Anakin felt a slight burn developing on his shoulder. It was the same cut he delivered to Vader.
“What sort of trickery is this?” Anakin asked.

“There is no trickery. You just haven’t learned how to defeat me. You haven’t learned how to accept the truth: that you are Darth Vader, lord of the Sith.”
“No!” Anakin stroke again at Vader at that moment, filled with more intensity and anger. Vader parried once again and gave Anakin a cut in his left arm. The cut burned in Anakin, making him scream in pain.

But Anakin realized something at that moment. He remembered that the cut he gave Vader developed on his own body. Anakin looked at Vader’s left arm, hoping that there would be a cut too. But alas, not even a scratch was present.

Filled with shock, Anakin ran back to the center of the platform and raised his lightsaber defensively. Vader followed slowly, his lightsaber at the ready. Vader struck at Anakin with the same intensity and anger that Anakin had showed earlier. Anakin blocked the combination of strikes that followed and leapt carefully and gracefully to the side.

“I might have underestimated you,” Vader said amazed. “Maybe we should make things more… interesting.” Vader suddenly began to move with such speed. He then began to give more difficult combinations.

Anakin gave the same, bringing his skill higher. The two duelists fought bravely with such precision, speed, and strength. Their sabers locked for some moments, but were finished off with strikes or blows.

It wasn’t long until Anakin got his second cut over his knee. Vader said with interest, “Surely you can do better!” He gnarled slightly after his mockery and continued to fight.

Anakin leapt over Vader and gave him a cut at the back of his neck, unaware that the same cut would develop on his own neck. Anakin took himself back, far from Vader for a second.

He placed his hand on the stinging wound behind his neck and continued to take more steps back. Vader turned to Anakin and began to walk towards him. Anakin kept taking more small steps, until there were no more steps to take. Anakin was at the edge of the platform. He looked down at the rivers of lava under the platform and noticed that there were little durasteel platforms and droids floating over the lava.

Looking back at Vader, who was a few steps from striking him, Anakin fell backwards off the platform and landed on his feet on a solid durasteel platform.

Vader realized that Anakin was taking advantage of his surroundings and decided to play his game. Vader leapt for a nearby platform and used the Force to make it go closer to Anakin’s.
Ben Kenobi
msn_yes.gifmsn_yes.gifmsn_yes.gif I Like it!!
Jus' remembered you didn't gimme chap. 1 today. Oha nd when will you post the version I edited...didn't you like it?
I'm too lazy to edit right now. Maybe tomorrow.
k, whatever. Oh, and you sound like your like 30 on the phone.
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